Jumat, 13 Juli 2012

terapi KESEHATAN di REL KERETA API ala INDONESIA ... aya aya wae.....

Railway Therapy Practiced in Indonesia
While it might look like they are protesting against something or staging a gruesome mass suicide, the people of Rawa Buaya are actually looking to cure their illnesses by laying on the train tracks.

In western countries, most people think high levels of electric energy cause cancer, but to the inhabitants of Rawa Buaya, in Indonesia’s West Java, electricity is the ultimate cure. From young children to old folk, they all lie on train tracks passing through their settlement, hoping the electric energy from them will cure their various sicknesses. Not even the potentially lethal trains passing on opposite tracks don’t seem to be scaring these Indonesians away.

Railway Therapy Practiced in Indonesia

Railway Therapy Practiced in Indonesia


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